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Grew a CAD design engineering company from zero to over $6 million in sales within 4 years​

In 2011, whilst working for full time for an engineering company, I was fed up with working for someone else. So I setup a website and advertised on gumtree and paid for SEO on Google. Within a few months, I had multiple small clients ranging from M&E companies to stage lighting companies. To deal with the growth, I then rebranded as and employed 6 CAD technicians. In 2012, I won a project with the Wood Group for marking up 1600 drawings for BP Oil, Turkey for over $100 thousand over 5 months which I hired 5 people for.

I then work another project with them for drawing 2 oil platforms in North Sea- at $150 per drawing which I outsourced to overseas CAD technicians and I personally made over $100 thousand in 3 months.

In late 2014, I started Blue Clarity at the start of 2015 after seeing an opportunity for an end to end of acquisition, design and survey to the Telecoms and Fibre Sectors.

The company has grown to over 70 staff in the UK and over 30 CAD technicians in India turning over $6 million last year and over $8 million forecast for 2020.

We work throughout the UK and Ireland to build partners of many blue chip companies offering complete package from surveying, design, acquisition and planning to detailed design and construction. I setup the The CAD Network to help others both learn CAD and gain financial freedom by working for themselves as contract CAD technicians or companies.

Look forward to helping you learn and grow
Regards Darren

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This class has helped me transition into using Solidworks, having used other CAD programs in the past. The professor answers questions in the comments that helped me with anything that wasn't covered in the videos
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
I like his presentation and communications. Good coverage and scope of material. Good course
Zasha Swan
From Australia
The teacher is awesome. He teaches very nicely and patiently. Even if he gets stuck somewhere he doesn't skip the lecture rather he corrects his own mistakes . It really helps a lot when you see the teacher correcting his own mistakes. I would definitely recommend everyone to learn solidworks from him only it was a great journey learning with such a skilled teacher.
Frank Jones
From Japan
Thanks Udemy... its great and amazing experience during studying...Now current scenario is changing and like tables have changed...everybody has to except new platform such UDEMY ...Thanks Again...
Jack Brownn
From London, UK